Any players that join are said not to own the game!

OK well basically I am hosting a Gmod Dedicated Sandbox Server on flatgrass and whenever someone joins, they are kicked, and the console message says that they do not own the game, and to connect to the account that owns the game. Any suggestions on how to fix this? thanks guys!

Wait, whats so hard to understand their?
Pirates try to connect and fail.
I have the same. Nothing worse, is it?

no but I started it ribght before I left for work, and when I got home, i checked the console and EVERY PLAYER that tried to join was kicked for that reason. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

That means that none of those players owned the game.

Why don’t you try to connect.

i can and so can my neighbor dowbn the street. but the people that were dropped because they dnt own the game, were about 15 people ain a row. nobody joined tge ebtire least not syccesfully. (srry bout grammar. remote cobtrolling my compyuter becausr i had tge pist bookmarked.)

Now you know that legit people can join it. There’s nothing wrong with your server, just idiots who pirated the game are trying to join it.

You cool for calling them idiots.

They pirated a $10 game. Not only that, they also tried connecting to a server that clearly wasn’t for their version.

I see your point.