Any potential for Workshop in the future?

Of course not now with all the bugs and DDOS’s and improvements, but has it been noted anywhere that the Rust team might consider adding workshop to the game for player made content for server owners to enhance their servers?


I guess this game will be built in a way that you can mod it. I might be completely wrong, do not take my word for granted.

Seeing as there is already a section in the server list for ‘Modded’ I am going to assume Garry is going to bring it into the workshop. Knowing Gmod you can see that he is all about people making the game that they want to play and I think he is going to stick to that foundation.

Considering facts stated, the certainty of whether Rust will be a moddable game has yet to be determined. You can understand that Garry and his team would like to maintain power therefore in their minds upholding quality concerns which typically arise from customisations.

While certain mods could enhance the gameplay, there is also equal availability of quality degrading modifications. Personally a level of customisation would enable the servers to cater for all styles of gameplay demand, too much could make it difficult to find good servers. Additionally maintaining an API and veering off into a developers API could prove troublesome down the long road as it had proven difficult with Garrysmod.

Currently admins on community servers have something I disagree with, power. There’s a fine balance between doing things for your users and doing things to suit ones own interest.

Well so far Gmod works with that, assuming that the server owners add tags to their server for what mods are displayed, there would be plenty of vanilla servers for players who enjoy vanilla. But for other people such as myself, I’d eventually get bored with vanilla and would want to look for servers with new refreshing content such as new recipes, weapons, AI, scripted events ect. Sorta like with what minecraft does. There will always be vanilla minecraft servers, but some servers will be with mods.