Any problems with Realistic Css weapons??

cause i find the guns fine but the He flash smoke grenade dosent seem to throw anything give me this lua error? and i dont know how to fix it but if there is a line to change i can but i dont know how to fix it if this get to the owner of the pack then tell me plz i love the pack.

You need CSS Bro.

no i got Css dude
that just it has this grenade thing and give out an lua message same thing as madcows weapons

in the weapon’s shared.lua

relace the

ent:SetAngles (Vector(math.random(1,100),math.random(1,100),math.random(1,100)))


ent:SetAngles (Angle(math.random(1,100),math.random(1,100),math.random(1,100)))

do not do general replacement for the word “vector” since it involves in other parts of codes

fixed the problem for me after studying the madcow’s patch
for update 98