Any quick script to add health from any prop.

Not sure how to get this to work any help?

Title does say all but Any quick script to add health from any prop.

Try this.

hook.Add( "PlayerUse", "GiveHealthFromAnything", function(ply, entity)

return true


Hmm yeah, thanks for the share currently working on it at the moment it’s going to be a shop where you can buy items and people that have the addon can configured (easily) there own items in such as the F4 menu in darkrp (talking about the store) anyway dude thank you for your help.

Oh, I think I misunderstood your question.

You want to make an entity that gives the person using it health?


This is the main code I think you’re looking for. You’ll have to define ‘ply’ though, of course.

That’s really different i guess, you asked for the health functions, not about how create a shop that give you items then this give you health :v

I have the shop done. I have everything complete now its just me hooking it up to an entity. Everything is set up with a config to easily change. so if you wanted to easily change the ammo or gun its all done in the config.