Any realism Addons?

Well, I know Garry’s Mod is already realistic. I can tell that for a start, but is there any addons for GM13 That makes it look realistic?
Eg. Replaces sound files, adds sunrays, etc.
I’ve been looking on the Steam Workshop. I’ve found SOME realism addons, but most of them don’t even work. Even though there on the workshop. But, I’m just wondering. Y’know, if I wan’t to do a YouTube video on it or something, you see what I’m sayin?


Problem. I meant to make it more realistic, GIVE MEH AN ANSWER. PLEZ.

Black Mesa sfx replacement for better sounds, SharpeYe for First person realism, and a couple others I’m not remembering atm.

a lot of things depend on the map you use. If you use map made by same hammer editor beginner, it probably wont be high quality. The map affects a lot when it comes to environment and lighting

Enhanced Damage:

When you get shot in the leg, you walk slower, shot in the arm, you drop your weapon. Same with NPCs.

Headcrab Remover:

Makes headcrabs invisible and removes them immediately.


Just cool

Player Water Floating

You dont just sink in water anymore


Makes it harder to aim after sprinting, some other cool effects.

FA:S2 Weapons

Some of the greatest weapons Ive seen (Check out all the packs)

MCPB Weapons

More WWII styled weapons, still high quality, comes with some other cool stuff.

Weapon Remover

Explains itself

Weapon Loadouts

Explains itself

And a good weather mod is atmos, you could also find some post processing effects around the workshop, there’s plenty of them.

-snip im stupid, didn’t read.

FYI you can map with a text editor.

I’m pretty sure he’s talking about somebody new to hammer, but yea – you really could use just about anything if you wanted to. I wish I could find the gif of somebody, I think it was overv, writing a program in MS paint.

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Actually, in the early days of video games models and maps were made without any kind of assistance from a visual editing program. People would just write out the vertices in a text editor.

Link, please?

(Search them on workshop, too lazy to give links)
Sharpeye, but it looks like your guy is gonna have an heart attack, so no.

And the greatest stuff made by the greatest girl in gmod history : Magenta :
Deux Ex Health/Limb system
MCPB Weapons
Magentamazingunreleased addon TF2 voice thingy
k just go to her profile and sub to everything k

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Gmod is realistic.

Unless you are new to it and put wheels on a wooden plate with thrusters on te back.

If you are good at gmod and know how to build stuff it’s the most realistic game there is.

Jesus christ, are you stupid… No offense. I meant in graphics, not gameplay. I meant like Lens flares and sounds and stuff like that.

As I said before, a lot of it depends on the map. If the map maker knew what they were doing with lighting and lightmaps, it can be really realistic. If it’s a Fulbright flatgrass clone, it will look terrible.

There’s the also the obvious method of just increasing your graphics settings

There’s also some post effects that may help. Some effects like the sunlight glare you can find on workshop