Any realistic RP servers?

I am looking for a realistic rp server, not HL2 rp, I already know one of those servers.

It needs to be realistic and fun, one where I can spawn props and use tools. I would like an rp experience where things like bank robberies, shop openings, and hotels appear. An rp where there are cars, destructible doors, and other realistic things. A populated rp server where there is at least 10-15 people online most of the time. An rp like that would be great, and fun. Owning a gang is not “Lets kill all the cops and people who aren’t us”, owning a gang is “We kidnap the mayor, demand a ransom of $10’000, and after the exchange we split up the money and stay away from each other for some time, to avoid being found”. And with cops its not “Shoot the gangsters and grab the mayor”, being a cop is “We may have to meet the gang’s demands if we don’t find out where the mayor is, unless we set up several snipers around the exchange area, which then we could take them out, or arrest them”. RP like that is what I want, and what people should do. SO please tell me if there are any servers.

Dude thats a bit to much to ask

If that would happen it would have a minge on it to kill the mayor

Although very good idea

Any servers at all?

Well i have never seen any

Try google it is your friend

All I ask is that members kindly post any servers that I might like.

I wish that there was a server like that but…Only hl2 rp servers are serious.

you could try serious PERP i suppose…

InsurgencyRp is very serious. We are Realistic, but we’ve been suffering a playerbase shortage. The thread is down a few posts.

We are working on a server like this but with out the cars…[eg. Cars = No one RP = Shit]

TnB has the best role play I’ve seen, so long as you actually know what you’re doing.
Though, I gave up on it and didn’t care anymore given the fact that trying to make good passive and playing with yourself and make yourself look like you have some terrible lifeless-ness issues for 4 hours, and then only maintaining a good 10 minute conversation in character is truly a waste of life.

Necropolis is run by morons who can’t pick an original story-line. They partnered with some faggy fallout role play server named “Live in Fear”. I suppose you could go there if you enjoy fallout. But the idea of fallout role play with others just sickens me.

Kuro’s servers are the true cancer of role play and need to just die, permanently. Kuromeko is such an ass-hated troll who can’t even get proper admins.

Pax Mortuus the Resident Evil role play server, I was PB’d there for having an avatar that was a guy with a red beard, and looked like “period blood”. This has to be the most fuck-tarded place on GMod.

And any tacoscript running server is basically shit. Don’t get me started on Reich role play, they’ve bastardized the image of quality role playing for me.

DRP is only good for trolling.

This is all I can say, don’t even bother.

Tell me the IP when it’s finishhed.

^Shut up, reich rp is better than most servers.

We should have a basic one set up this weekend.
It will only have the basics of what we will be having. There will be alot more updating to go.


Are there going to be rules that make the rp more realistic, like telling people that they are under arrest.

Yeah. I am trying to work out how I should do it so they dont get teleported to prison. I want them to take them there.

Im working on some other things like… You know how you sit on chairs, im trying to get it so what you are next to a wall, you type a command and you lean on the wall or something.

Add handcuffs so if a cop arrests someone that person is forced to follow.

I never said that because you’re in it, dog penis.

But it does make it a lot gayer if you put it that way.

Add some kind of option for gangs to kidnap people

Your life must be really fucked up is that how you perceive realistic living.

Well the situation is pretty grim at the moment, but here’s my take on the servers:

GMod RP was supposed to herald in a new age of RP, but it has sort of…disappeared for the moment.

The situation you’re describing there can be achieved in DarkRP, but it requires intelligent and strict administrators and a playerbase that knows how to RP, not just in theory, but in practice too.

I don’t really frequent that many other RP servers like the ones you are requesting, but HGN Stalker RP( and MeteorNet( have good admins and dedicated players.