Any REALLY Simple addon to code?

Hello there fellow members off facepunch! I’m really new to this whole “Coding” thing, with other means, i SUCK at Lua. So I was mostly wondering if there was any REALLY Simple plugins/addons that i would be able to script?

Start with a simple gamemode. Thats how I started. Try making a simple custom hud, teams, and get the basics down.

Once you have done that, try looking at some code of pre made scripts. Try and study them, and understand what they do.

Oh, and use the wiki.

Which Wiki exactly? The Lua wiki or Gmod wiki? :wink: Ohh, and thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. :wink:

How much of that wiki’s tutorials would work with gmod13?

I’m pretty sure they all work?

In terms of LUA, I don’t think gmod has really changed much from 12 to 13

Oh ok thanks

You should also check the new wiki too.

There are some things that have been renamed or had functionality change, I don’t think that using the old wiki which contains old code such as KillerLUA’s old money system. If something is missing on the new wiki why not just add it?

Make a script that when you load it, it prints something in to the console! Whooa!
Or a health bar. With rounded corners… Mmmh… I like rounded corners…