Any reason "$no_draw" "1" doesn't work anymore?

I just did it on a few models to remove the sights, but they’re still there. Here’s an example.
“$no_draw” “1”
“$basetexture” “models\weapons\v_models\SF.Thanez_P90\ACOGuv”
“$bumpmap” “models\weapons\v_models\SF.Thanez_P90\ACOGuv_Normal”
“$envmap” “env_cubemap”
“$normalmapalphaenvmapmask” 1
“$nocull” “1”
Put it in lua tags for easier error-removal. Anyone know why this is?
It also happens on other models of different guns too, this one’ just the first one I could pick.

try removing nocull it might be conflicting

the problem also occurs on vmt’s without nocull, but I’ll try that.

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Nope, problem still exists. No idea why, anyone have an explanation?

Take out the underscore.

like “nodraw” or “no draw” (2nd has a space in between)

Try deleting the bumpmaps and other lines, and leave base textures and no draw line.

Should be “$nodraw”.

I guess you could try putting it on the bottom in the VMT.

It might be getting processed line by line. Can’t see any other problem otherwise right now.

Fixed the issue by “hexing” the materials so they wouldn’t conflict with any models that use the folder name for materials. thanks for your help, guys.