Any reason to get HL1:S?

I was wondering if there was any purpose for getting Half Life Source for GMod. Does it add anything or just take up space?

You get the advantage of being able to use Half-Life models and textures in GMod, but, honestly, I’m not sure if they even work any more. If you really, really want HL models and textures, feel free to get it, but I don’t believe it’s required at all.

I was hoping more along the lines of NPCs and weapons. So then I don’t have to use that damned SLV Base/HLR.

You get neither; all you get is models, materials, etc.


It’s not even that good of a port; it’s literally direct with no features added. Also, the models all spawn as effects, so you can’t use them really.

Don’t bother.

Sad, but true. :frown:

I really wouldn’t say “no” features added. And it’s definitely not a “direct” port.

I also don’t get why people say “no features added”. What kind of “features” would you like Valve to add, anyway? New weapons? New levels? Would it even still be Half-Life if they did anything like that?

I enjoyed Half-Life: Source, at least.

No, the view models spawn as effects. Various humans and aliens have ragdolls.

I can think of two reasons right now!
A) Because it’s Half Life on F*CKING SOURCE! And
B) Because you will have a reason to play it. For further info on this point view point A)

There is no other reason for me to get HL1:S because I already own the original non-Source-ified edition.

Also, is HL1:S’s music different than the original’s? I mean, looking through the Orange Box soundtrack on Audiosurf, I don’t remember any of those songs…

The music is exactly the same.