Any RP's that feel life MW2?

Well i have all the MW2 addons and wanted a rp to make it feel life i was in mw2 in gmod. Or something like it.


He wants to RP a fps…

I don’t see how you can RP the MW2 universe…

How about playing MW2?

What that’s crazy talk! :open_mouth:

You want 10 year olds running around with modern guns while screaming over a mic? DarkRP.

yah its called darkrp

dark rp should do it

Actually, to add realism, make sure you use Listen servers only!

I think the op means he is looking for roleplay server that would be in the setting of mw2 (the universe of the solo, or maybe a pseudo storyline that would fit the universe of the MP)

altho i don’t think there is such a thing. And well… gun skins do not make a backstory…

I’d imagine that anything associated with the MW2 universe would be; 1)Afghanistan, 2)Some area in the U.S. during the Spetsnaz attack, 3)Some sort of “Home Base, go to missions, change maps” type of server with the SAS being in the first plan. Anything to do with MW2 would have to be combat, since that is the essence of MW2. Yes, there is a storyline, but most of it is explored via combat and missions.

Yeah dark rp’ll do the trick.

Anything that’s based off DarkRP will do the trick. Except the better ones.

And what would you do in a MW2 RP?

If its two war factions, one will dominate and spawn camp the other, also turning it into a death-match.

If their is only one, what will you do? Sit around with an assault rifle in some desert and shoot at friendlies?

Something like this?


Shit. Minor necro.

**Terrorist: Welcome to Akhmads guns, for all of joor pow pow needs.
Ranger: boom HEADSHOT!
Terrorist: Son of a bitch…

That’d be MW2 Roleplay. ^

DarkRP is nearly the exact same thing.

yeh if you dont count ass-banning admins.