Any Running Serious Military Roleplay Servers?

I love Serious Military RP, Clockwork and Nutscript alike, but all of the servers that I know of have shut down, are there any more that I could play on? If there are, could you guys please reply with the server IP address, thank you! (P.S. I’m talking about SERIOUS RP, not something like DarkRP.)

Something like Arma?

I guess… The military parts of Arma mixed with the Serious RP of something like CW: HL2 RP

I honestly would love to see this back again. I really loved this gamemode and wouldn’t mind recoding it if it had to be done!

I may pick up development on my old Arma themed RP. Ill let you know if I put out a beta server.

If you do, you will be my new favorite person. I tried doing it myself but A) I suck at making servers and B) I don’t have enough money to host a server with decent ping/DL speeds…

If you’d be interested I could port some arma stuff to gmod.

I’ve been playing on this new server for a few days

heavy breathing

There’s a server I know, it runs SSTRP, which is a very Military like RP. Look it up.
Just a suggestion.

I actually just submitted a developer key application for CW MRP! Hopefully I get it :slight_smile:

gets uncomfortably close You better…

Lemon Punch’s WW3 RP is a heavy military roleplaying gamemode. I personally am not into games like these but here is their server: