Any rust clans recruiting?

I am interested in playing rust but my friends aren’t really survival fps gamers, any clans recruiting that are interested in both city building and peace keeping. Or anyone want to join me and start one up.

Id love to go the route of creating a safe haven and creating a makeshift law enforcement type band of players at some point.

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Yes actually if you’d like the join the 24th MEU (Marine expeditionary unit) contact me in steam mandarino96 picture of a cat with a sailor hat.

We own a server on rust and have a teamspeak we hold the law in our server and have bases.

hey can i join ur sevrer , i am a good player. So far in this game i build a house, had shotguns pistols almost everything but at the end someone destroy my door and stole everything . so i m looking for the clan i can join so we protect eachother:)