Any semi new RP maps?

Specifically rp_downtown_v4_exl or any modified version of it. I like the layout and the suburbs but can’t find any newer versions

If you cant find it by googling its name then it probably doesn’t exist.
Please refrain from making threads about such simple questions and use the question megathread next time.

rp_lyolux is phenomenal.

I made an edit of exl

However, it was a commission for Superior Servers

Damn. that’s pretty good. I kinda want to play this now.

Should’ve been done from scratch, at least from what it looks like. Playing this map is incredible.

The haunted house in that map is pretty terrifying. I have PTSD now. It was almost a little too intense as I had to take some aspirin to stave off a heart attack.

You gotta be shitting me, you leotard wearing goober. There were so many right angles on that, I thought I was gonna cut myself if I was walking down the street.

if theres one thing this world needs, its another rp_downtown. where else will the source engine deviantart community make their edgy tf2 drama comics?

Isn’t that the most terrifying part? Walking down a road of razors. I now have this bad dream where two stone monoliths appear from a thick haze,and it just ends there. That map was so immersive it burned an image into my brain. Lyolux consumed me.

Heres a link to that “phenomenal map” as gnampf put it. There just being funny cause a few months ago I was being a dick to them. I had horrible depression then. Heres a link to the map if you want to do a redone version. But please rename it for credit reasons.

Well here is a cool map someone made that I am using, and its getting updates often aswell, has a new section the downtown never had and nothing that ruins the downtown feel like all other edits. It has sewers aswell.