Any Server hosts that are inexpensive, lag free, and dont have shit support?

I owned a server for about a year in late 2008-late 2009 and im looking to start it up again. I used to be with xenon servers, but I paid (I think) 24.99 for 15 slots. And their customer support and addon support were shit.

Ive heard good things about brohoster, but I rather have a couple peoples opinion, im looking for 20-30 slots for a fair price each month, good addon support, and good customer support. Seriously, having to ask through a support ticket every time you want to install an addon is hell.

Thanks all.

I’d got with They’re cheap, have decent support and are hosted by a small, down-to-earth company. Plus, UK hosted servers are tougher to DDoS. (Or so I’ve heard.)

I’ve tried about 5 different server host and to be honest I’ve never come across one that had all the three.

My current host http:// is probably the best host I’ve used, solid support, not overpriced, decent connection.

They’re very good for up to 32 slots, don’t get higher though, they have shit on that. Customer support is OK, they’re useful, but a tad bit slow.

I dont know what’s wrong with u kids, I have doe allot of researching, Xenonservers is the cheapest hosting companey on the market, 25 USD - 32 slot gmo server. They have a 100% support and addon support now. They can even help you to install addons if u dont know where to put em.

I host 3 servers, I have never been having any problems. But I ont know why people should host more of em, there is allready so many. And allot of em arent even good or maintenced as it should be. 8sry for misspells, I’m swedish)

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exenon is still cheaper…

Fetched the link for ya guys:

Experienced people who knows their shit. Never had any lag on the server they sponsor (project lime).

Oh and yea Brohoster… Well check it out for yourself

You heard wrong ;).

Bandwidth in UK is more expensive vs other countries, tends to be obscenely expensive to properly protect against attacks within UK mainland.


edit: and if you say: well they dont do garrymod!!

nfoservers vps

Im a kid because I want to find a decent host? What are you, a xenon servers advertisement? I said I used them, the suck. The end.

Okay if you’re asking something from facepunch, be nice about it.

You really need to get your shit straight if you’re going to go ahead and tell people to use Xenon.

Flamehead is right in a way. Xenon does suck. They don’t suck all the time because some boxes are better than others. However, it doesn’t seem that his problem lies with latency as much as it did petty things like support and addons.
Some of the best server hosting you can get, expensive but well worth it.

I was just with Xenon and thats not what mine costed. But they do suck. they pack as many servers as they can fit on one box. I have gone through 5 or 6 server providers and i found that daemon was the best.

Check em out : [URL=“”]

When one of our customers was asking us to offer them the DDoS Protection they had with Xenon, I decided to check it out. I was curious what their DDoS protection actually protected from (since their live chat was offline and I couldn’t ask what they were using) so I tested it out with a very brief attack on a couple of servers. Both TF2 servers I tried started lagging instantly, so really no idea what they are using for this “protection”. Really the only thing you can do for a “real” DDoS attack is null-route the IP and wait out the attack.

Our GMOD customers have been quite happy with the services and support we offer at but I am working on improving our addon support. We do our best to keep them updated in the Mod Installer, but with constant updates, it is difficult. I am actually writing a tool right now that will manage all of the SVN updates for us, so this should also allow us to also meet your needs of good addon support if you would like to try us out.

Their “Anti-DDoS” is a fix for an old exploits only the newbiest of script kiddies use. Anyone who knows what he is doing, can take it down without a problem.

Yeah, the majority of “DDoS Attacks” these days aren’t even actual DDoS attacks. There are so many exploits in the source engine (even quite a few that have no plugin fixes) that feel like a DDoS these days, worrying about an actual DDoS should probably be the least of an admins concerns.

I went with these guys and they’re pretty cool.

1$ a slot is too expensive, especially when you can go with an older, more established host for that price.