Any server providers out there with DDOS protection of some sort?

Hello there, does anyone know if there is some host located in europe that has some kind of DDOS protection or resistance. I have had enough of immature people who ddoses and shreds a good game like garrysmod to pieces…
I have been with 2 hosts latley.

What I can tell you about is that they have a great support team and awesome servers but if you get ddosed they will throw you out without any refund.

Gamingdeluxe is a great host they help you out always I have been happy with them ( on a scale from 1 - 10 = 10! ) sadly so many clients gets DDOSed that they don’t offer garrysmod anymore.

So I need a host which is good and located in europe with ddos migitation or protection.

Thanks for you’re time :slight_smile:

I don’t think there are any out there with (D)DoS protection since it is VERY expensive. I’ve used a host an have been getting DDoSed many times but they don’t care about it since it’s not actually the customers fault. The host is located in America though.

I myself might have a solution for you, what gamemode are you gonna use for the GMod server? Contact me through Steam if you are intrested, just click the steam button to the left ;D