Any server providers that are beginner friendly? ( TTT )

Basically trying to find a server host that has locations in the West Coast.

Something more beginner friendly is specifically what I’m looking for.

I’ve done a few google searches, but I’m trying to get more recent answers.
I have tried Elpishost, I’m open to try different hosting this time around.

I just want to make a simple neat server, nothing drastic.
Thanks in advance.


NFO is the best for beginners. You can learn a lot if you have zero experience. If you have basic questions then they have great support.

The control panel NFO servers gives you is pretty powerful and easy to use, so I third NFO servers

Also backing up NFO here, they may be a little bit more expensive but compared to Elpis Hpst, way better quality.

I would have to agree with the majority of the people here. NFO. Another host I used back in the day was Xenon Servers, but with most providers its just a game panel and regular support, they will install certain mods for servers but the rest is on you… You COULD as someone with a dedi to host a server for you and help you learn how to run one from the ground up, learning from game install, installing mods and opening your own ports on a dedi helps A LOT in the long run.