Any servers I can count on?

I have had gmod since I was around six, but I never really got into the multiplayer of it. Now I want to try it out, but the only servers I can join are ones that have flatgrass. When I try to join a server with a custom map it doesn’t let me, even if I have the map. I am also looking for a server with good admins, so that I don’t have the first time I truly play on multiplayer get ruined.I don’t want to rent or become an admin or anything, just some servers that are fun to play on. Thanks.

Did you put the maps in the maps folder?

yes, I can play them in SP

Are you able to download the client files that come with the server? Such as lua, textures, and that sort?

yes, after ten minutes of waiting on one server it got down to the map and then stopped with the error sign: you do not have the map. I’ll try again, it says that steam just finished downloading Gmod. Maybe it’s fixed…

Good luck. By the way, most maps that I come across that use flat grass are generally maps that kids or mingebags.

Deci’s RP Server. Thats my server :smiley: gm_construct all day and any other map you want. I will also add any addons you want. And i instaban mingebags. And it wont lag.

Xuras has a few good servers, We getting a 62 slot server soon.
just google it.

it lets me get onto the servers now, and thanks for the server suggestions! I will look into them!