Any Servers Look for Admins/Mods?

Ok so i’m look for a server that is looking for admins/moderators. I’ve never been one before but I think it would be a good fun experience, I would be dedicated to the duty and I know of the seriousness of it. If any server owners see this post and is “hiring” leave a reply please :slight_smile:

As far as I know, you can’t limit an Admin’s commands to make him a mod. He either has full admin commands or he doesn’t. Now, unless you pay half of what I pay to have my server running, there is no chance that I (and everyone else?) will give you free admin on their server. However, someone below me could prove me wrong :quagmire:

1 penny

That could do me a lot where I live…

though with the oxide mod it is possible to give certain people only certain amount of commands avaible

PS: you could add me on team gotcha1989 and we talk about it