Any Servers With All Content Mounted?

EDIT: PM me your details…

Why are you even asking?

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Do you mean like a server with tf2 and css and hl2 all mounted?

I’m asking because I would rather play with other people and I mean the little button down at the bottom right hand corner of the main menu that mounts content besides phx.

By saying “All Content Mounted”
You would mean actually mounting CSSTRIKE content onto a server
Please be a bit more specific

Srsly open gmod and go to the bottom right hand corner and click the button that mounts content you will see what I’m saying…

Edit: theres pry content from atleast 20 games if not more… cstrike facepalm

Then be specific and say it’s Garrys Mod singleplayer rather than a server which most people would think it is first

Its obvious what he is asking for what is wrong with you