ANY servers with minimal automatic guns, or none at all!?

I find guns in Rust, a bit odd. Going from rocks and wood, directly to having semi and automatic guns feels like an anachronism.

Differents should be implemented, or it should be much harder to obtain these high-tech guns on servers.

Are there any servers going in this direction?

dude fucking wait for the game to be more developed before you point out the fact that you can get guns easy in the game when it is in alpha and there is not much in the game

Give it some time, its only an alpha

I have seen some server where they make guns a rare thing to get, check the server list

“it’s only an alpha”

which means it’s just the right time to speak up to influence the direction of the game.

Have some impatience guys geez… Not everyone understands everything all of the time. He was just asking a question a lot of people have been wondering.

If you read the AMA on reddit (, somewhere in there he mentions that a lot of things are place holders until further development occurs.

That information answered a lot of questions I’ve considered and if your interested in the progression of this game, is worth the read.

yep check out my server over at