Any South America hosting company is going to sell/host rust ?

Hi there. This is mostly a question to devs or anyone well informed :). First of all, good morning or evening depending on where you live !

Now to the real question… Is there any south america hosting service that is going to host or sell rust services ? If not are we (players) allowed to indicate some hosting companies that could host a rust server ?

I would love to play on a south america server since the constant 250 ping + (or higher in some areas ) is kinda annoying for us that live in south america. People walk teleporting, you cant really aim correctly.

Thanks in advance for any kind of answer and have a nice day.

There are no hosting services providers in south america.

I am in Argentina and run a server located in Dallas. Ping is 200 and we have no issues. Its the same with every online game, or at least most of them.

We started 5 days ago, so If you are insterested in joining us PM me

There is 2 hosting companies in south america that already contacted facepunch and are just waiting their response. 1 in brazil and the other one in your country if i’m not mistaken. It’s just a matter of time.

Both companies are great btw.

Do you know their names? where did you read about that company in my country?

Glad I ve only payed for 1 month. Thanks

I live in Brazil and play under 160 ping most of the times, host is located at the US