Any Spare keys someone would sell to me?

So hello guys!
im Tomaat and i spotted Rust a few months ago and totally forgot about it, about 3 days ago i got my new pc and was looking for games, today i remembered Rust
I totally have no money at this moment (im 18 and live at my parents so no worrys :P)
So, i still had a pending refund on ebay, and i sent them a message (litteraly 1.5 hours ago.)
so when i sent the message, i saw the keys were sold out (last one sold for like 7 dollars something) and i had to wait for the next hour
So i waited…
just to see that they dont sell the keys anymore
i would love to play Rust and go exploring and surviving.

I only got 13 dollars on my paypal, so if someone could gift/ sell me a spare key that would be awesome!

Thank you!

Regards, Tomaat

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Just wait for the price of it to reach less than 13 dollars.

Yeah, 1-2 months from now, IF they sell it with a Dutch auction at that point.

Just buy it from the site

no chance of being scammed and no risk of giving a liar money

well, they dont sell keys at this moment… and i really want to play it.

I don’t think you got his question… he is talking abt present time … as the store is closed now that they are moving to steam and beta