Any status on Linux fixes?

Just wondering what the current state of the Linux branch is. I’ve been having UI issues (server and crafting list missing, no in-game console log, missing health and hunger numbers) and haven’t been able to really diagnose the cause. I’ve noticed in the past some people have had issues with Coherent_UI, but were receiving some actual error logs and it now appears to fail silently. Are there any flags I could run Rust with to provide some additional help with tracking these issues down? Both the stdout/stderr and Player.log output seem to be devoid of any error messages. I’m going to see if I can find any tells in the strace output, but I would assume this is an issue with Coherent_UI.

EDIT: I also tried the development branch, but there seemed to be a whole host of shader issues.
Let me know if there are any other ways I can help with this issue.

Strangely enough I have the same problem when running on Windows 8.1 64 bit.

My Linux Mint 17.1 on the other hand doesn’t start at all…

The problem with the missing menu items I had a few weeks (maybe a couple of months) ago. Something to do with the UI being resized on either on the fly, or it’s probably drawn at one size and resized for each player (don’t actually know).
Anyway, Haven’t had it for ages. Fix for me just seems to be to play in any resolution other than the monitor’s native one.

Working brilliantly on Linux for me at the minute (Mint 17 here as well) so don’t know why it won’t start for you. Only bug is the sound sometimes buggering up and sounding all fuzzy and robotic. Does it for a random amount of time, at a random time. Can’t seem to reproduce it at will, but it happens more often when people are talking to me it seems. Although not always. More annoying than the sound being fucked is the massive FPS drop that occurs. Got me killed a few times.

edit: Just had this sound bug triggered when I was in my base, no one around talking on the mic(even when the sound is bugged, the icon comes up in the corner - no icon was there), no furnaces going (I was just crafting paper).

Luckily this time it only lasted about 20 seconds or so, then stopped. I’ve had it last as long as ten minutes before, at which point I had to restart the game. I tried logging out of the server then logging back in and that didn’t even fix it, took a hard kill process and restart to sort it.

Per the thread title, the status on Linux fixes is “We don’t really know shit about Linux, we just click export to Linux in Unity. Either it works or it doesn’t, and we have nothing to do with it.”