Any streamers?

Sorry for making a post like this, but every time I look at twitch im only seeing french streamers…

Anyway are there still decent streamers out there ?

Sounds like a good chance to learn French.

Come back in 10 years please?
German humor :expressionless:

I’m sure there is a stream thread buried somewhere around here. Try using the search function.

I’m not sure there ever was.

Haha fuck I love you already!
There were some okay streamers really.

I just cant stand those youtube edited movies, so please we need streamers again!
Come on guys you kept me up till 5/6am every morning

AllGeekStation is a French Streamer :slight_smile:

qmgsaint? playrustwiki?

Hey , look my stream :smiley: ! but i’m french … BUT i’m cool :slight_smile:

there were nice streamers, I remember thegammaghost was chill and was entertaining to watch, not sure if he still streams rust or not

Oh hang on, before im making the wrong impression.
I really dont care where people are from, its just that i only speak dutch, english and some german. So its hard to understand french for me ghehehe

As for you, are you the same person from youtube?
Ive seen some of your clips and your pretty fun to watch, its just that i prefer Live stuff, over recordered stuff

i recorded some youtube stuff but i can see why people prefer livestreams, like if you wanna see every little detail and get to know the gameplay a bit better I see why a livestream works out

haha yeah exactly man, go livestream and ill watch you every day like some random creepy perv!
Could just be me, but i really enjoy watching people play.
I used to be a pro Counter strike player before 1.6, and used to have like 50+ people watching behind me, at my screen … live! at lan partys
Good old days


I really dont care how good people are though, You dont have to headshot every bullet your shooting. Im just looking for a fun/decent stream to watch thats all basicly =)

If the EU servers come up and running today, I might livestream for a bit on

I don’t know why anyone streams this game - it’s how you get shot.

Or an easier way for killing people. Instead of running around looking, they tend to come to you :wink:

No way man, its a good way to challenge your skills, both awareness + concentration + aim. Doesnt really matter if people know where you are, people will find out about peoples living locations anyway.
And you can always make secrets stashes with an overlay on your stream, or on downtime

Click here for dusty’s stream make sure to follow and catch us online all the time!

Stream is just stupid, you show your weaknesses, and where your items are.

As far as twitch goes, Rust streaming is already on the decline. There might be someone on dailymotion or another alternative (youtube perhaps), but twitch… meh.