Any SVN sites?

Hi, is they any SVN sites like because I cant seem to download from there its not working.

Go download the actual SVNs.

Well no. Because I want to upload it from my server but it doesnt have SVN on so I want to just download it.

you could download the SVN’s, and then upload to them your server.

(you could also get some scripts that would update the SVN’s every day, and if there is a change in any of the files, it will then upload the new stuff to your server)

Or I could find another site and make it download the file and upload it to my server everyday.

Sam don’t ask for help then refuse the help given.

Well I am sorry but I didnt mention I am using a server box to upload it and it doesnt have anything to download the svn on.

If you have a server box, remotely log on to it, download tortoise and just SVN them down.

But, I cant do that its CentOS.

Linux has SVN.

If you download it, I dont want that on it. I’m asking for a site, is they one if you dont have one dont answer.


I was planning on making a site which compiles SVN content into zip/rar/gz, would anyone find it useful?


If the help given isn’t the solution, why shouldn’t he continue looking?

Would be use full, if guest was able to choose the svns url, instead of only got a few once.

Snip … Didn’t read thread.

Anyways, in linux, just do mkdir svn; cd svn; svn co insertsvnurlhere

I use Fedora myself, and I’m quite sure it’s the same syntax.

Ugh I have said this once, I dont have SVN on it.