Any talented mappers here play WoW?

Well just the other day (before my WoWcraft time ran out), I was doing some random dungeons and I said to myself “You know what these need to be in? Garry’s Mod.”

So I was just wondering if another WoWCraft player like me (except with decent Hammer skills) could recreate some of the WoWcraft dungeons.

I’d really like to see:

-Sunwell Plateau
-Black Temple
-The Eye
-Temple of the Jade Serpent
-Stormstout Brewery
-Vortex Pinnacle
-Wailing Caverns
-The Lost City of the Tol’vir
-Every Blackrock Mountain instance

I’ve already seen someone recreate the Halls of Creation entrance area in Uldum, so I have hope someone can maybe recreate these. :downs:

Also, nice to meet you guys.

Good luck with that is all I can say.

Maybe if you looked in the right section

As I said, I’m new (also I forgot what a search function was) and I didn’t know about those. Thanks for the links. :slight_smile:

If somebody could lock this, that would be much obliged.