Any teams out there would like 5 more ppl to join? or maybe join us.

Any teams out there we could join? we are 5 people. hopefully a EU server.

Ill got over 400 hours ingame myself.

I’d join. Add my steam @ LukeMada.

Would love to know where you’re from and what age you and your friends are.

Im 24years and Norway il got around 400 hours

Fixi is 21 years old from Norway 230 hours
Toxytox his is little brother are 14, hes okay. 144hours

kenneth are 23 from Scotland 100 hours.

and one more guy, not sure about him. hes not online. but got around 400 hours.

Shame my server is in the US. Could use some more Scandinavians :smiley:

Feel free to add me, i’m Dutch and 20 y/o.

See you around.

Steam: Stick