Any testers let a streamer try out the game?

Hello guys im those type of ppl that like to play Garrys games I played Garrys mod like a lot and I really want to try this game out so yeah that’s why so don’t spam in this chat forum just send me hate mail through Private messages thanks!

(User was banned for this post ("Crap begging thread/didn't read the sticky/stop postig in bold" - postal))


From the sticky

“Keys are not currently being given out publicly. (stop making threads for keys or you will be banned)”

shut up I already read those posts :words:

Go away

hey this is my page so shut up -_-

Click on this big blue link.

Hey this is Facepunch GO AWAY

Zircon I know that post stop trying that stuff it hurts your back

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and u don’t own it know don’t u Tarcan

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that’s what I thought

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oh and this is a page for a account using for a day

Then why don’t you shut the fuck up? You aren’t going to get a key by posting crap here.

So there u go

It’s people like you that are ruining this forum.
Please stop, just… Stop.

Something tells me this guy is under 10 years of age…

No Facepunch owns Facepunch, I’m simplay saying a statement GO AWAY ever heard of it? It means get off the computer and do something productive, or even go to another forum website for all I care, if you are jsut going to beg on Facepunch it’s just going to annoy its users, just letting you know

Hey Beta, try this link

any other stuff u would like to say and I already said this
“oh and this is a page for a account using for a day”

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lala stop being a idiot I know that’s the Stop posting threads about keys

I’m just sitting on this thread watching the OP be an ass, waiting for a mod to lock it and ban him.

"Oh and nobody’s gonna give his account to you, so who cares?

You don’t seem to grasp the fact that nobody here likes you