Any Tutorials on Faceposing?

Seriously. I was wondering if anyone has any tutorials on how to do source sdk faceposer or garry’s mod still motion picture posing.


Thanks man.

Piece of advice: Fuck faceposer. Use some real animating Software.

Faceposer is not an animation software, it’s made to do a CHOREOGRAPHY with a lot of different animations which you may have or not created yourself

Though flex doesn’t work in GMOD.

Oh I see, kind of like Poser Six. Anyways, people need to learn how to do real animations.

Why? Faceposer is good enough to make simple/complex animations which are good for your own mods or machinimas.

faceposer only works for shit Valve models, that’s why.

Lemme ask you something: why would somebody go into a 3d animating program just to make the characters talk? It would be a waste of time. And if you wanted your own model, you can easily port it to source minimilizing your work a shitload. Alot of people don’t have a college education in the mastering of 3D programs - but for gmod machinima, you don’t NEED THEM to make simple mouth movements. It’s a waste of time.

Well, he never said he wanted to make them talk.

Uh… Okay. How do I make posture changes/body movement.

You’re gonna have to explain to me how I do everything in Gmod then :rolleyes:



ONCE AGAIN, you do not know ANYTHING about what you’re talking about. I’ve worked with custom models several times, Faceposer has no ties to any specific content WHATSOEVER.


I’m going off of what I’ve seen you do. I have not seen it done with a custom model, you typically use the low-grade Valve models based on the valve skeleton in your movies.

Learn how software works before making assumptions about it, it just makes you look like an idiot

Uh… Hey Max can you give me some tips on how to do this stuff or link me to a few good tuts for green screening and shit?

I don’t really have any specific tips besides trying to have the best possible flow

here are all the VCDs I did, you could try looking at them and see how I did stuff:

regarding greenscreening… uh what

Stop being so stubborn.

I’m very new to video making to say the least :stuck_out_tongue:

No clue what you meant by that.