Any tutorials out there for making ragdolls with eyes?

Hi there.
Currently i have been porting a few models, using Mario Kart’s Modeling Tutorial but he never finished it, meaning that i have no idea how to make the eyes of my ragdoll posable. Anyone have a tutorial for this? I cant seem to find one.


It’s like faceposing, but you have to setup eyes with qceyes.exe
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2\bin

Yeah i saw the qc_eyes program but i need more information. Like how do i know the position of the eyes and how can i make them move, and what i need to put in the qc for it to actually work and such.

bump, i would love some insight on this.

I’d appreciate a tutorial for eyes setup too. Got my model’s eyes working in HLMV. They look “at me” there. However, in the game the eyes appear to be looking at one spot on the map.

If that’s the error I’m thinking of, you need to give your model a blank flex file to fix it.

Thanks RTB, that was the case.

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Bump, anyone?

Still need help with this.

Here’s a full tutorial on it.

Thank you, ill look at this.