Any useful house textures?

Disregard…the answer to my question is below…thanks Terrenteller!

Something might be useful.

[li]198 Mapping Textures
[/li][li]25 House Related Materials
[/li][li]63 More Mapping Textures
[/li][li]AtomTextures Pack
[/li][li]Basic Texture Pack
[/li][li]Camouflage Materials
[/li][li]Cartoon Texture Pack
[/li][li]Caskami Skybox Pack
[/li][li]Chrisknyfe’s Water Materials
[/li][li]Computer Console Materials
[/li][li]Custom Texture Pack 1.2
[/li][li]Cyoob Texture Pack
[/li][li]DeathByNukes’ Textures
[/li][li]Dev Texture Pack
[/li][li]Dev Textures Complete
[/li][li]Doom 2 Texture Pack
[/li][li]GMod Compatible RT Monitor Materials
[/li][li]Grass Texture
[/li][li]Halfwit-2’s Texture Links
[li]Canvas Texture
[/li][li]CNCR04’s Texture Packs [Sample]
[li]Pack 1
[/li][li]Pack 2
[/li][li]Pack 3
[li]Half Life 1 Textures
[/li][li]House Material Pack
[/li][li]Interior Materials
[/li][li]Measure Generic Recolor [Sample]
[/li][li]Night Skies
[/li][li]Nudel’s Refractive Glass textures
[/li][li]Seven Skies Pack [Sample]
[/li][li]Sign Decals
[/li][li]Quake Textures
[li]HamiltonFed’s Texture Pack
[/li][li]HiddenMyst’s Materials
[/li][li]House Material Pack
[/li][li]Oblivion Texture Pack
[/li][li]Reactor Materials
[/li][li]Rory’s Material Set
[li]EP1 Compatable Set (Requesting File/Link)
[/li][li]Orange Box Compatable Set
[/li][li]Smurfy’s Magical Clean Road Texture Pack
[/li][li]S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Textures Part 1
[/li][li]S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Textures Part 2
[/li][li]Star Wars / SCI-FI Textures
[/li][li]Starfield Materials
[/li][li]Stene’s Texture Packs
[li]Pack 1
[/li][li]Pack 2
[li]Third Party Materials
[/li][li]Tile Pack V2
[/li][li]Various Materials
[/li][li]Various Materials Addon
[/li][li]Venetian Blinds
[/li][li]Waterfall Materials

Thanks! That will all sure help

Now THAT is a useful fucking post. Bookmark’d.

See Also: The Mappers’ Encyclopedia

Might bookmark this instead.

dude, wtf, you get paid for that?

no, he’s the moderator here. He compiled the mappers’ encyclopedia, it’s in the sticky. That’s a copypasta from there

did he get paid for making the encyclopedia?



Ask yourself this, why would ANYONE get paid for just compiling a list of useful links and a couple of paragraphs explaining them? Thats like asking for $50 for making a Wikipedia page. Nobody would pay for you to do it, as they know someone will do it for free eventually.