Any vanilla Zombie Survival servers?

I haven’t played ZS since 2008, when it was in version 1.17. Now, I join a server, and it’s full of all this shit like money being dropped off the ground. Are there any vanilla ZS servers?

No popular ones. ZS would have died a long time ago if nobody modified it. There’s always NoX, but if you have problems with aesthetic changes like money, you’ll hate the wave system.

I’m talking about version 1.11


Can anyone recommend me a server that’s semi-popular and is as close to the original as possible?

Very few servers use 1.11 as a base now. Mine (the one you mentioned with the money getting dropped) is the only one that ever has players.


The only other ZS server based on V1.11, though its also modified.

Greens is based off a much older version of ZS, and is much more heavily modified than any other server. DDLfr is a server ran by codestealing twats, Random is cracked. Both of those are based on V2.

That sums up what is left of ZS servers.