Any way of making NPCs follow you?

Hey guys,

I need a tool or something which makes any NPC you choose follow you… is there such a tool out there? I’m new to Garrys mod and have only found the walk path ones and such. It would be nice for the combines to follow me in to combat is all.

Thanks in advance,


idk about combines, but some followers will already follow u if u get close enuf to them. any refugees will follow u, along with medic, and u can use the weapon menu at bottom of npc screen to choose wat gun they have

i think(just thinking) that he is saying how “enemys” follow you everywhere you go.

There’s a tool which sets NPC faction, basically making combine act like rebels.

Not sure if they’d follow you like rebels do though.

NPC factions huh then i can change head-crabs to be turned to be my pet right?.

Should do

As I said, I’ve never tried it myself