Any way to accurately make jigglebones?


When I want to make a jiggle bone for my model, It requires me to keep recompiling the model just to test something out, and it’s really annyoing. There’s dozens of functions in which I have no bloody clue what they do.

So my question is: “Is there any way for me to make jiggle bones on the fly without having to keep recompiling?”

For example: HLMV, to save us from having to keep testing our ragdoll’s physics, has a system which lets you move specific bones and thus, you can set the maximum that bone can rotate on a specific axis. Is there a way for doing this with jigglebones for the angle_constraint?

What about testing out different masses, stiffnesses and damping? There has to be an easier way no?


I could be wrong but I don’t think there is. Assuming Valve uses a fancy tool for this, it hasn’t been released and I’m not sure any third party tools have been released either.

You could always attach hulls the same way you do physics models so you can view the constraints with the physics tab or even just view the rotation values directly in 3ds max, blender, or whatever other tool you use and determine what you want. You’re going to need to eyeball it unfortunately. Once you mess around with the values and figure out how they work, working with them in the future shouldn’t take that long. Compiling it again shouldn’t be an issue – the only reason I can think of it being a problem is it taking a while in which case you should just cut or disable face flexes or other parts of the model that won’t be attached to the jigglebones temporarily to speed things up.