Any way to find things under water?

I am currently testing a long-range missile I made from an MK-82 and thrusters, but my biggest problem is that the missiles are being launched into water while I try to find replacements for the breakable wood parts, but the water is quite deep and murky, so the missiles (with working thrusters still attached) go missing a lot. I have them adv duped, but by the time I have 50 odd stray thrusters across 5-10 missiles strewn across the water, it gets a little irritating when the buggers are flying about and making noise, and I would like to recover them and take a look at the damage. Is there a tool or method I can use to easily locate my missiles in deep water? I have tried putting laser turrets on the missiles as flares but they tend to make them jump about like a kangaroo when I fire them so no help there.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Forgot to say, wire is not an option unless it is EXTREMELY simple and not too inconvenient.

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But, I really don’t know an answer.

Aaah. S’okay. I’d like to say I know a lot about gmod addons (minus wire and all the plane and train stuff) and I’m stuck for anything that could do this. Perhaps some kind of camera you could attach to the nose of the missile and have a monitor at the launch site or on your screen like the RTCamera? Or a flare launcher that puts a big red flame in the air above the missile at an arbitrary level?

That is possible.

Okay, can I have some support with that please? I’m not good with the cameras. I’ve been talking to my friend and he says you can weld the camera to the missile. Problem is I am using adv dupe and when you remover cameras they go black or freeze, and I would be removing used missiles. So is there any addon or anything that can do what I asked in the title? Anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

You go to Q -> RT Camera, then no-colide it with your rocket, then place it where you want to have it, then weld it, then spawn a RT screen (PHX Required -> [PHX] Usefull and explosive props -> RT Screen
Then it works.

Thanks again man, works a charm.


Now I just have to wait for Garry to fix the goddamn hl2.exe has stopped working, EVERY 20 FLIPPING MINUTES. Sorry for double post.


oh so it doesn’t let you double post? A Lazy persons like me’s dream :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t get the HL2.exe stopped working anymore, since the last update.

When was it? I haven’t updated since early yesterday, and I am getting one crash or another every 10-20 mins. I’m SICK OF IT. How can you play SANDBOX games without being able to play more than 20 minutes at a time? :@

If i build a nice ride, like you have on the carnival, then I have to take 4 hours, or more…
So, agreed.
But, that update was yesterday morning.

Yeah. I got that one. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s had it messed up because of the patch, but there are as usual a blessed few… you’re right about the nice ride, with this missile I’m trying to perfect the launch ramp and I’m trialling trails (!) right now as a method, but by the time I adv dupe it, I have to go back ingame and start again -.-

I know.
But, the crashes are kinda strange.
Cause of that update, I’ve no problems anymore.

Garry always fixes anything he breaks in the update. Do not worry.