Any way to fix horrible FPS?

Hey so I’ve been playing this for a while but my FPS is so horrible it kinda ruins the fun. I understand it’s very early alpha but is it like this for everyone?
I tried lowering the settings but that didn’t help at all, is there anything I need to install? Like some kind of player or something since it’s played in a browser?

I’m using Chrome btw.

sell your soul

in all seriousness though you can try going fullscreen or turning down your graphics (press tab and search around a bit) but in the end it’s an alpha and that’s how it’ll perform for a while

I’ve been playing Fullscreen all along and as I said, my graphics are turned down so much it looks like complete garbage but the FPS is the same. Oh well, I can’t seem to survive for a minute anyway, I guess it’s for the best.

Only other thing to do is either buy new PC parts or hold out for updates

Try without going fullscreen. also what are your system specs?

My specs are:

Windows 7 64-bit
GTX 670M 3GB
i7-3610QM 2,30GHz

I mean I play most games without problems, BF3 on high for example.

I roll with a GTX 670, 960T OC to 3.8ghz and I get low framerates as well. It’s nothing to do with specs, but most likely bottlenecks within the game itself.

Hold out for performance updates.

That’s what I was hoping for :slight_smile: Thanks.

Im playing on worse specs and I’m having some framerate issues only when I play for over an hour straight. Refreshing the website usually helps.
Also, my pc turns into an oven when I’m playing this game haha.

Mine is half as good as urs, and I am getting about 30 - 40 fps either way it’s rather smooth.

Try downloading the latest Unity3d webplayer.