Any way to get Combine Cameras to do their red picture taking alarm thing?

Right, so I couldn’t find this anywhere…
I’ve been trying to get them to do it, but the standard ent:AddEntityRelationship( ply, D_HT, 99 ) is basically the equivalent of the default behaviour which is the orange light staring at you when you get close.
I’m kind of hoping it’s not a map thing…is it?

I’m not sure how Combine Cameras do their camera “attack”, but you could try any of these:


Doesn’t seem to trigger anything :v

You could try firing SetAngry, that’s the only input I see that’d be worth trying.
Unless I’m blind and I’m missing something.

This is correct. Also, the camera should be hostile to the player, and SetIdle should also be fired after firing SetAngry in order to fire SetAngry again.
To make the camera hostile is to do what you’ve basically been doing.

i love you

hostile and firing setangry worked :smiley: