Any way to keep a file you've downloaded?

I ask because I’ve found some really cool things in here (RC Helicopter, Towie gun) that I’d like to have on my server. I haven’t seen any way to do so and I’m curious since they aren’t on

well, if you search a bit on the browse option, you might find the props you downoaded, but only works on sandbox, i think…

Who the hell rates information like that dumb?

boohoo who cares about ratings

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OP, just contact the author.
Their avatar links to their steam page, add them and ask.

The ‘code’ tab ( ) shows the shared code of the entity, putting this into lua/entities/towie/shared.lua should work.

For the models, sounds, materials, etc; I believe you can find them in garrysmod/addons/toybox/(models, sounds, materials, etc)

I’m not trolling, just to start out. Wouldn’t this be considered “stealing” though? There’s another thread talking about this concept ( I’m totally in support of what you’re asking for, I think that the DL option for toybox addons is going to be NECESSARY if it’s to ever replace We just need to figure out how we’re going to convince Garry.

Until then, (Kung Fu Jew) anything you use on a server will need individual approval from the people who created the addons you want, and you’ll have to find out where it is that they are willing to provide them, if it’s NOT going to be