Any way to "merge" many props into one? (not the nocollide kind of merge)

(this has probably been asked before because it would solve a gazilion of problems)

Is there any way to “make the enging treat many props as one”?

For example if I build a contraption with 50 different props and crap knows how many welds it’s gonna lagg bad, I want to do something to that contraption so that all the small probs merge into just 1 big prop, so that no welds are needed and the physics engine treats it as one unit. (no wierd “bending” and spazzout from collisions etc.)

Kind of like the ships in SBMP that appear to be made from smallbridge props.

Is there any way to do this? Or would I have to make my own models xP?

I saw something that kind of sounded like what I’m looking for in a thread showing a gigantic ship made from A LOT of props, someone asked something like “is it partitioned? otherways lagg!!”. I don’t know if it said “partitioned”, probably not, but something similar.

Parented was the word.
Look up parenting tools.

thx I’ll look it up :slight_smile: