Any way to play Gmod 10 or 12?

Hello all. I’ve been playing Gmod for a long time now, I haven’t posted on Facepunch in almost 10 years. I can’t believe I even remembered my account details here… anyway,

Gmod 13 or whatever iteration we’re on now is terrible. That’s my personal opinion, so before you start screaming at me “OMG NO IT’S NOT YOU JUST HAVEN’T GOTTEN USED TO IT” please do yourself a favor and leave now. Workshop integration is GREAT! Maybe not as great as the toybox or used to be, but it’s still pretty damn good. There’s a lot of things I don’t really like about Gmod 13. A lot of really useful Stools are gone, as well as support for Source games apparently. I have every source game made on my Steam acc and yet it only makes spawn menus for the stock Gmod 13 stuff. I’m glad they put the old PHX packs into the game as stock (even if it’s only about 1/2 of the stuff that it used to come with…) as there are a lot of really useful build options there.

Honestly, there are too many problems to list that have prevented me from enjoying Gmod 13. So, if anybody knows a way to go back to 10 or 12 that’d be greatly appreciated as I’d really like to have fun playing Gmod again. Thanks.

Garry’s Mod 9 is the last “legacy” playable version of the game. There is no way to play versions in between it and 13 unless you have the files backed up.

I’m able to mount source games just fine. Are you sure all your games have their caches verified and updated to steampipe?

Steampipe? Why can’t it just work, you know, like it used to? haha

If I recall correctly, you occasionally have to boot the game up atleast once to be acknowledged.

Because it was updated to, you know, a solution with better performance? haha

I’ve done that. Edit - To go even further, I’ve played through all of them too.

Worked fine for me 5-6 years ago, lol. Then again, you probably weren’t around here back then. :buckteeth:

Wat? Are you saying that because old method worked they should’ve not updated it to new better one? And yes, I was here 5-6 years ago.

A lot of people have played GMod around here 5-6 years ago (including me, I played GMod before I had a facepunch account) all source games were updates to a system that changed them from steamapps/user_name/game/game to steamapps/common/game/game don’t blame Garry, blame valve. Also, addons where you drop them in the addons folder are still supported. Also, also, was shut down and replaced with (which still contains all stuff)

You’re acting like literally everything has changed, but it hasn’t. Lua scripting hadn’t changed much, there’s even a document called “why your scripts are broken” and shows you all the old functions and their new equivalents.

So, yeah, things may have worked fine before, but a lot of things have improved. I’m very sure all those features you used to have were not removed. I cannot think of one.

And all the things that were “removed”, were either
A. Replaced with a much better variant (datastream->net)
B. Renamed (if it was renamed at all) and more than likely updated to be less shit (90% of this game.)

Also, most of those tools that are gone can easily be readded through other means, for example, Willox fixed(remade?) the keypad tool from Gmod 12(I think it even existed as far back as Gmod 9, but I first came in Gmod 10) and it’s much, much better now.

Indeed that is the case coding-wise, but I’m talking feature wise. It seemed he thought workshop was the only way to get addons.

Honestly, most of the popular stools and addons have been converted anyway, if one isn’t, then I’m sure someone around here will help convert it for you.