Any way to reset crafting menu to default?

I’m an admin and have the full menu of craftable items. Is there any way I can reset it without wiping? I’d like to go into my game and play without any “help”.

TROLLer Skating

Try to delete your player data.
Not sure if you can do this per player.

Thanks! Worked like a charm.

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Another question. How do you get your thread back onto the front page? I guess that is essentially bumping it. Is that the correct phrase?
I created a thread for a new server, but it quickly gets lost in the pages. How are these other threads getting back to the top with hundreds of views in minutes?

But never bump more than 1 time within 24h.

ok, but how do you do it? i’ve searched but didn’t find what i was looking for.

You’re just doing it. :v:

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i used to wonder how to do this, found out by myself.
using HFBServers?

you know what, i just noticed that…after i refreshed the page it was back at top lol thanks.
and it has almost 100 views! my most ever!
guess it’s time to go have conversation with myself in my server ad thread. or is that frowned upon?:downs:
i should put a shameless plug for my server now. haha

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i was able to get it to work by deleting my player data file. i’m using multiplay.