Any way to reset phys brushes position?

Ok so I’m making a map for a friend, and it includes a door that when you press the button explodes and a bunch of custom gibs fly out, heres the output for the button.
(The ent’s are func_physbox and func_breakable)

On Pressed > warehouse1_door > explode
On Pressed > Doorgib > Enable Motion

I want another button to reset those things to their original position. How can I do this? Heres something as an example if it did exist.

On Pressed > warehouse1_door > resetpos
On Pressed > warehouse1_door > respawn
On Pressed > Doorgib > reset pos
On Pressed > Doorgib > Disable Motion

Any way of doing something similar? HL2: EP2 engine

I know theres a mega-thread above my post, but I need more focused help, other that there being answers to other question scattered about.

There’s an entity that I can’t remember the name of that you can use.

Type “template” and it will come up, in hammer.


Ninja’d :ninja:

Good idea, but when I reset I think it will be like this?
On Pressed > Doorgib > Kill > .1
On Pressed > Doorgib > Disable Motion
On Pressed > Template > ForceSpawn

Ill try it out


Next, does point template work the same on func breakables?




point template will work with almost any entity