Any way to run Hammer offline?

So I’ve been out of the mapping game for a long time, a couple of years at least.

But I’ve been playing Minecraft, and I’ve been deviating from the fullbright, ‘safe’ structures people seem to make and have been making darker, more atmospheric environments.

And I miss Hammer. I’m yearning like a lovesick teenager. I miss messing with I/Os, I miss figuring out timings for outputs so that warehouse lights will come on in groups, like in the movies. I miss figuring out how to recreate Valve’s work; the Ep1 Citadel Core, the lasers, the moving platforms.

And I haven’t had time; art school eats my life like a fat man eats a cake, and the few crumbs of time I can scramble together must be spent on things like cooking and sleeping.

But now I have HOLIDAYS. And I want to get ON THIS SHIT like nothing else. However, I’m in University accommodation, and thus I’m constantly running through the institute’s proxy. The Valve team say that they don’t expect to have native proxy support working until the end of the year, so I’m in a bit of a bind.

Is there any way I can run Hammer WITHOUT Steam? I remember that Worldcraft was standalone back when WON servers were the norm.

I realise this may look a but suspicious, so I’ll leave you with proof that I am (was) a legitimate mapper, and that I DO own both Hammer and the Source Engine games required to use it.

(Unfortunately all threads before 2009 seem to have been deleted from the FP server (quite gutted), so I’ll have to link you to videos).




Once you have Hammer downloaded once, you should be able to launch it just fine, assuming you can get Steam to go into Offline Mode?

Ned! It’s been awhile.

I can’t get Steam into offline mode until I can access an unproxied internet connection. Even then, with Hammer crashing every little while (I’m going to assume it still does that), I’d need to restart Steam entirely quite often…

You can download Valve Hammer Editor 3.5 - - set it up and you can use it just fine. It is a bit older version but you can use it, they use it for gold source mapping. And you don’t need to have steam running.

Might the Tor network help? Or anything that can force your computer to connect via a proxy and then let steam think that you’re not behind a proxy?

I’ve tried a bunch of solutions, including Tor, Proxifier, etc, and none of them seem to work. I seem to remember having troubles with setting up Tor though, so I’ll revisit that this afternoon =D

You could also try mapping in Sketchup or Microbrush while you wait for them to support the proxy.

I believe when you make a mod, you get some .bat files that you can launch hammer from without steam running. I’m not completely sure about it though.

That would be really useful!

The issue is that I can only run the Mod Maker if I can get Steam running, unless somebody can do it for me and upload the generated content, but without knowing how large this content will be, or how time consuming it will be to generate, I don’t really want to ask somebody to do it for me.

I’ll have a dig and see if I don’t have any old attempted mods lying around

Maloof?! Good to see you back. I loved looking at your stuff and you’re one of the people who inspired me to map.

Really? I’m genuinely honoured!

The mod idea has fallen through, as has the offline mode idea. All I can do is run up Hammer 3.5 and see what I can do with that. Does anybody have any idea where the HL2 FGDs are?

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I’ve attempted to download a standalone Source SDK, which I assumed would be entirely legal, considering that it’s a free download via Steam. However, my University has, in the few hours since I started the download, blocked both the page from which I was attempting to download the SDK and the page that directed me there, so perhaps they don’t see it that way.

I’m quite concerned that I’ll get disciplined for this, actually, despite not having done anything wrong. Bugger.

Christ, that’s some stringent security they have… At my university, we made it round the firewalls
by using proxifier… But you mentioned that you’ve already tried that. The difference is, I set up a
remote computer, through a friend helping me out, that acted as my dedicated proxy, which worked
for a good few weeks before the Uni caught on.

Why don’t you just download hammer 3.5? It’s very easy to set-up.

I’ve got hammer 3.5 but I’ve no idea where the FGDs are for Source Engine games. Should I be picking through the GCFs?

steam\steamapps\username\sourcesdk\bin\ep1 (or 2007 I’m not sure.)\bin\

Have you considered an internet cafe, or any place that offer wireless networking?

If that’s not possible, have you considered talking with your university’s networking team?
A lot of them are usually nice guys / girls and can help your situation.
They might not be able to lower the public security or anything wide-scale, however they may be able to help you get an un-filtered connection for a short time.

The problem isn’t in security, it’s a proxy. When I went to a school with a proxy it was impossible for steam to connect too.

Check the configuration from the Source SDK hammer.

$SteamUserDir\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin\cstrike.fgd or

$SteamUserDir\sourcesdk\bin\source2007\bin\cstrike.fgd or


For me it uses orangebox fgd

Thanks guys! Unfortunately (and this is a real sucker punch for me), I don’t have a sourceSDK folder. Despite keeping Steam on a separate drive to my system files to preserve it during system rebuilds.

So I ask one last favour. One last glorious favour; one that might return the hammer (and chisel) to my hands and give me, finally, the gift of creation: could anybody upload some FGDs for me?

Only if it’s legal to share them, of course; I don’t want anybody to get into trouble.

Sure it’s legal, FGDs are just plaintext files which tell hammer what to do with entities that hammer doesn’t know about outside of the FGD itself.