Any way to tell if an entity (or vector) is inside the skybox?

Title is self explanatory. Need to know if there is a way to detect if something is inside the skybox.

If you mean in the world,
Took me 2 googles :wink:

Thanks but I already knew this existed and was not what I intended. I need to know if something is in the skybox area (not necessarily inside the world)

probably use coordinates

I think he means the 3d skybox, and you would probably have to do something with sky_camera

send out traces which only hit world geometry where those traces hit will be the bounds of the 3d skybox

Correct me if I am wrong but surely the traces would still hit normal worldspawn and not only the 3D skybox area?

sorry i meant send traces out from the skybox camera

if you only need this for one map, manually define the bounds yourself using something like the example provided here.