Any ways to get three alpha keys for Rust?

Hello facepunch forums I am currently over at my friends house for a week and we are lan with him and his brother. We all saw some gameplay of this game and it looks very interesting so I was wondering how do I go about gaining 3 keys?

(User was banned for this post ("Crap begging thread/didn't read the sticky" - postal))


Making threads asking for keys or about where to find keys is bannable.

Keys are not currently being given out publicly and trading/giving them away is against forum rules.

Free keys here

Step one: Find a rope
Step two: Go into your room
Step three: Make a noose
Step four: Tie noose to fan
Step five: Put noose around neck
Step six: Turn on fan
Step seven: Upload to YouTube
Step eight: Profit???

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Something’s crawled up his ass tonight. Anyhoo, there’s a drawing contest you can all try entering.

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okay well I just came here you could have told me politely, i guess i won’t even play the game

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study programming or cg and join facepunch team, you’ll get shit tons of alpha keys :smiley:

TheBetaTester, I would say. He’s truly annoying, and can really irritate someone’s bum.

When you came onto facepunch did you not see “HEY LISTEN UP READ THIS OR GET BANNED: Alpha keys and forum rules”

Your name annoys me. Don’t pretend you didn’t just make an account to attempt to get a Rust key.

What are my chances doc?

Can we all stop fighting I came onto the forums all excited signed up for an account and made a forum post without thinking. Just stop this flaming thanks! :dance:

Why you make account

Jesus christ, this is just getting ridiculous at this point. THERE ARE NO FUCKING KEYS READ THE GOD DAMN STICKY. THE GAME IS IN ALPHA. GO AWAY.

No you made an account and posted without even acknowledging the fact that there is a sticky telling you NOT to make such posts.

Wow so people get mad when I tell at them but not you

Don’t make thread for rust keys.