Any words from Garry regarding the Unity crashes/unable to load in issues?

They might be working on it, might not - But a word from the developers would be a big satisfaction to the people,that are receiving all kinds of errors while trying to load into the game.

It’s been 3 days so far, would be good to have an answer regarding the issues.


If I were you I would just try a few more times and if it still cointinues to crash, just wait untill the steam release. It won’t be long untill it is released on Steam, probably a few days to a week. Two weeks max.

I’ve tried countless amount of times.
They should fix it as soon as possible,knowing that many people cannot actually test the game.

They may not be to worried about fixing it if they are moving it to Steam soon

Even so, they should of actually inform us.

Thats really bad if they don’t fix because they are moving to steam in 1-2 weeks, screw the people that cant get on?

It wouldn’t make sense to spend time trying to fix technology they are abandoning. Time is better spent migrating to steam and getting people full clients.

It wouldn’t make any sense to continuously sell Rust keys if the game cannot be launched by many people who bought it.
People bought Rust to play and test the game. While we cannot do that,why not fix that? :wink:

They sell keys now because you won’t be able to buy one once it hits Steam. There are several posts that explain this.

Either way, they should fix the Unity crash issue for the sake of testing.

While I understand your frustration with not being able to play a game you’ve paid for, I have to agree with those pointing out that it wouldn’t make sense to put work into fixing an issue with something being abandoned. They’re getting plenty of testing out of the people that can load the game i’d imagine so the top priority would be to get the Steam client up and running ASAP.

As for the issue of it not working, it hasn’t really been a problem for me. It keeps popping up a message saying the player crashed but if I wait a few seconds it seems to magically fix itself and load up the game anyway.

Have you tried other browsers? There seems to be a great deal of inconsistency in how the game performs depending on which browser a person uses.

Wait, so after the Unity crash you’re not clicking on anything and you’re just waiting there till it loads?

I’ve tried Opera aswell. Same thing,but rarely it just puts me on the grey screen with the face on it. Was waiting for about 10min , no luck.

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Just tried it. No success.

Yeah, the crash message pops up for me and if I just don’t touch it for ~10 seconds it goes away and the game loads up. I thought it was rather odd the first time it happened but I was glad it worked. I use chrome to play the game myself.

Sorry it’s not working for you. =[

Anyone have any evidence that it wont be the same problems when they switch over to steam? Is it not the same engine and same game?

Well sure, as far as i’m aware it will still be the Unity engine but it will no longer have to run through the web player so that might help with some of the issues they’re having. There are never any guarantees that a game will work for everyone, let alone a game still in alpha during a transitional period…

Interesting… still get Unity crashed on my Mac Pro with AMD graphic card…

… even if I use Windows 7 on the machine (Bootcamp).

But on my much slower MacBook Pro with Nvidia graphics card and only 8 GB RAM it works fine if I use Windows 7 on that machine (Bootcamp)… but also crashes in OSX Mavericks 10.9.