Any XM8/M320 models out there or even made?

For quite a while now theres been XM8 models all over FPSBanana and XM8 models for SWeps, but nowhere have I seen anyone attempt to attach an M320 grenade launcher to one of the various XM8 models. I looked on FPSBanana for an M320 model and found this, but it’s been out for months and nobody has hacked it to an XM8 and given it proper animations and textures. It’s really quite a shame having so many M4s with M203s, a lot of XM8s (Including LMG and Compact versions), various other guns with grenade launchers, but no XM8s with the grenade launcher that was originally designed for it.

If anybody would be willing to hack an M320 onto an XM8, I would really appreciate it. Even hacking it onto a world model of an XM8 would be perfect for posing.

tl;dr: Why aren’t there any XM8s with M320s on them when theres already XM8 and M320 models out there?

Heres some images of what i’m looking for:

The guy at the top left has it. Media tagged due to size.[/media]

Shouldn’t be hard to see it here.

An M4 withan M320.

Pictures of an XM8 with and without the M320 in Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and soon-to-come 2, one of the few games to even include an XM8.

One of the few games?

Arma 2 has all the variants.
Rainbow Six - Las Vegas 2 has a customizeable version. And Vegas 1 probably has it aswell…

Yes, but compared to the ammount of games without an XM8, there is a small count of games with it.

Can we get back on topic?

took less than 5 mins to find that…

Hmm, thats strange. When I searched XM8 here I didn’t get anything. Thanks a lot though, these’ll be useful.