Anya Stroud & Sam Byrne (Gears of War 3)

awwwkey this is xnalara port. i dont take any credits except porting.

Anya extracted by: Plasmid
Ported to XNALara and textures modified by: Adngel

Sam model for xna by o0crofty0o

finger posing included.
face, eyes and hair posing with joynt tool.
have fun


Nice port. Can’t tell if you fixed the phong but looks good regardless.

Off topic, but did you get that message I sent you about the car?

it’s just one of the unused bones on their faces doing that.i just decided not to remove it. :v:

Looks great. Can’t wait to see what Fugtrup will do with these.


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Oh no

I hope nobody’s planning on making nude models out of these… Nice port, finally some GoW 3 stuff into Source

Nothing yet. :v:
In my opinion, it’s ok but I just hope it won’t get here. If so, at least in some decent way.

Very nice! Are you planning to add face posing via the toolgun at some point?

Good models regardless, thanks :slight_smile: