Anybody can see your skin

I think I have a Idea this isnt unique in anyway but could you make it where you can stream in textures and mesh this way people will be able to see your character from the discord and the forum that lua allows characters to be steal easily like in pac3 character mostly pac4 but this switch to C# I think will allow more people to make characters without the fear of someone stealing .I don’t think this should actually be added not right now at least .

I’m sorry, I’m not sure to understand what you mean. The idea you want to develop is about streaming models from the server instead of serving them as files? Then why talking about Discord and this forum?

I’m a bit confused here :sweat_smile:

Oh yeah, sorry need to clarify, by stream in I mean based of of your internet connection for example cyberpunk on Xbox although its a mess of a game no offense cd project but on xbox in order for it to function you need internet its like a cloud service putting in textures by internet its not actually downloaded on computer kind of like tower unite

Wait you mean loading images and such from an image host like your own website or places like imgur?
But instead for like models?
Since even in tower unite and such no matter what, it would have to be downloaded onto the pc in order to work and in matter what, even if it was really hard to do, someone will figure out how to steal models, it’s a thing you cant avoid, and doing it like that just seems like a massive way around something that will still happen.

I agree, even if you “stream” the model, the game needs at least something usable to apply it on materials. You can always optimize the transfer if you have bad Internet connection by using multiple file for multiple qualities, but they always be stored somewhere in your computer (cache on your hard drive, ram, …).

I’m not sure we can prevent user from stealing, in the better scenario, we can only reduce the risk for regular thieves.

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At the end of the day people are gonna end up trying to play this game on shitty internet and its gonna end up full of already stolen ported models from gmod workshop, so I think it should just go for the easiest for people to run and play imo

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I know that, what im saying is C# is more secure than lua.

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well mostly garrys mod

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@NotGaylien Sometimes thinking too hard is more harmful for your product than just stick to some KISS concepts. This is sad for players with a low-quality Internet connection, but in order to prevent the mental health of players, developers and Facepunch team, we should stay as it is right now :smiley:

@JoshuaBest I disagree, C# is more complex, has more features, but the “secure” aspect of a software depends on how the developer wrote his/her code, not only the language

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Oh I forgot the forum and discord were not suppose to be in there

Ya know what just forget about

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