Anybody else actually want robots?

I noticed an immediate reaction of “no” in the comments, without any real reasoning on the main page for robots. Does anybody else out there actually want them? Based on the concept art, I think they could be implemented into the game reasonably well. You could have them in abandoned military base type of areas to guard high value loot, randomly broken down in terrain, etc. I think it would be rather neat to be able to find parts for them, and be able to repair a broken down one to use as a guard for your base or something. I don’t know, just my two cents worth.

No matter what they decide, there will inevitably be a portion of the community that does not approve of the direction they go in, and they will not hesitate to be vocal about it if they can. Personally I feel that in the end it won’t really matter what the PVE portion of the game consists of, but so far the mutated creature artwork has been interesting, and these robots actually look really good. On top of that, we can have machine enemies as well as living enemies, it doesn’t have to be one way.

I guess the thing to remember is that just because you see some concept art in a devblog, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to be the main theme, or even in the game at all.

It could be one npc idea for a specific area, it could be a boss, it could be ANYTHING, or it could be nothing.

I think the robots are cool. Different from a lot of other stuff, sticking with Rust’s unique flavor.

Bring it on. I actually like the fact that it looks a little “ancient”.

I would rather see how the environment would look like in the final stages before an enemy is brought into rust imo. Right now it just looks like plain old survival. I’m sure he just drew it to see how people would react to it. Without the fan drawing “their idea” of what a robot would look like in rust and be called out it wouldn’t fit in rust, but a dev actually drawing it would change those who are against because it looks great and by a dev. I don’t know, it looks great and if it’s a possibility, then I’m sure more will follow it and not be only robots.

Hit the nail right on the head.

Although Rust came off as the “caveman” game, it was still in the beginning stages. Although a baby can walk fast at the beginning, doesn’t necessarily mean it can towards the end. This is a concept that can be adapted around different lore or even just be a coin toss to see what us (the consumer) thinks about the addition. This is why we purchased the game early. Wasn’t to play it (although it has been one hell of a game thus far) but to help grow it. We are here to give our opinion on matters and that is why the forum is present. You see Garry posting non-stop polls on what to add in next.

i think what they use as PVE enemies will be suggestive of the “history” that led us to this situation, and that will be interesting to see develop. mutants suggest nuclear war or some kind of epidemic disease. robots suggest war from a high tech standpoint, precursor technology, like borderlands or jak & daxter. all of these ideas are great, but there is bound to be someone whose internal view on the game is not met by developmental changes…we just need to try stuff out and see if it works;)

I like the robots and despite what some people say, drones that stay true to the concept art would fit in with the games theme. Lets not forget that in real life rust is essentially decaying metal, so old robots would be perfect for the games theme.

I really like the art work and really like seeing possibly really big / hard to kill NPC that will give the game more to do for someone like me who has a small server and usually plays with family and friends and not big on really huge PVP servers. Legacy is very fun at the start when you have nothing and have to avoid everything at least until you get a bow then unless you freak out and miss a lot you are pretty safe. With a bigger NPC threat even when you have w.e end game armor and weapon set up you will still need to be fearful.